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Classical Physics by Prof.V.Balakrishnan

Lecture Series on Classical Physics by Prof.V.Balakrishnan, Department of Physics, IIT Madras.

Rest and Motion

An object is said to be in motion with respect to a frame of reference s1, when its location is changing with time in same frame of reference s1.
Rest and motion are relative terms.
Absolute rest and absolute motion have no meaning.

Motion is broadly classified into 3 categories :
1. Rectilinear and translatory motion.
2. Circular and rotatory motion.
3. Oscillatory and vibratory motion.
     Rectilinear or 1-D Motion When a particle is moving along a straight line, then its motion is a rectilinear motion.
Parameters of rectilinear motion or translatory motion or plane motion:

   It is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is second(s).
At a particular instant of time, a physical object can be present at one location only.
Time can never decrease.
  Position or location It is defined with respect to some reference point (origin) of given frame of reference.
   Consider a particle which moves from location r1 (at time t1) to location r2 (at time t2) as shown in the figure below.

The length of the actual path traversed by the particle is termed as its distance.
  Distance = length of path ACB.
Its SI unit is meter and it is a scalar quantity.
It can never decrease with time.


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